Security and Transparency

Benefit from blockchain technology

Our platform is built on the Ethereum network, renowned for its transparency and security. By leveraging blockchain technology, all transactions are securely recorded and stored, accessible to anyone on the network. This ensures complete transparency and integrity, creating a trustworthy environment for our users.

Security Token and ERC-3643 Standard

Cofund uses the ERC-3643 security token standard to ensure that all investments made through our platform are backed by tangible assets such as real estate. This level of security is essential in building trust with our investors, as they can be confident in the value and stability of their investments. The ERC-3643 standard is a recognized industry standard designed to promote transparency and security in the world of blockchain-based investments. It aligns our platform with the latest industry standards, providing investors with peace of mind that their investments are secure and backed by best-in-class standards.

Cofund platform is compliant with Swiss law and provides additional security for our users.

The Cofund platform is fully compliant with Swiss law, providing added security for our users. Switzerland is renowned for having some of the strictest financial regulations in the world. Our platform is based in Switzerland and we adhere to all Swiss legal requirements for security offerings, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability for our investors. Our security tokens are backed by tangible assets, offering a transparent and secure investment option. We take pride in upholding the highest security and compliance standards, providing our investors with peace of mind that their investments are safe. By following these strict standards, we guarantee that our investors' assets are protected by one of the most rigorous financial regulatory frameworks in the world.

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