Refund Policy for Property Crowdfunding Investment:

1. All investments made will receive a full refund if the soft cap is not reached by the specified deadline of 31st August 2023.

2. A guarantee of 100% refund of the original amount invested will be provided in such a scenario.

3. In the event of a material adverse change, such as legal disputes or significant property damage that negatively impacts the investment's returns, investors may request a refund within 15 working days.

4. Refund requests must be made through official communication channels such as email at

5. The processing time for refund requests may take up to 5 working days.

6. No refund requests will be processed after the refund request period has elapsed.

We believe that the above policy provides our investors with clarity, transparency, and peace of mind. However, we acknowledge that the policy may need to be reviewed and enhanced as required to ensure our investors' interests are protected at all times. We promise to communicate any changes to the policy in a timely and transparent manner to keep our investors informed every step of the way.